Self Dumping Bins and Skip Pans: Equipment built with strict compliance to safety and engineering standards define our products.

Self dumping bins:Our self dumping bins, self dumping hoppers, and self dumping skips are perfect for any jobsite. They offer large volume and weight capacities. The hand free dumping feature, which requires no auxiliary hydraulics, allows the bin to self dump on any crane, forklift, or boom. This keeps your laborers out of the dumpster to unhook shackles or other systems in order to unload trash. Our bins allow you to move materials efficiently and safely on any jobsite.  When time and safety matters, choose Jcrane self dumping bins.

  • Choose from a variety of sizes in stock
  • We can custom build any bin and any bin size to fit your needs
  • Engineered, built and tested to meet or exceed all OSHA & ASME standards
  • Durable powder coat finish

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Bin Dimensions and Specs

ModelVolumeabcdefgCapacityTare Weight
SB 131.3 yd5'3"6'3'7"3'4"3'4"2'1"3'4,409 lbs835 lbs
SB 201.96 yd5'9"6'5"4'1"3'5"3'5"2'1"3'9"6,610 lbs975 lbs
SB 262.62 yd5'4"6'9"5'3"3'6"3'6"2'2"4'6"8,818 lbs1,280 lbs
SB 393.92 yd6'2"7'6'4"4'4"4'4"2'2"5'5"13,227 lbs2,183 lbs
SB 52 5.23 yd7'4"8'4"7'5"3'10"3'6"2'6"6'7"17,700 lbs2,623 lbs
SB 787.85 yd8'6" 9'4"7'8"4'11"4'7"3'6'7"27,000 lbs4,534 lbs
SB 10510.5 yd9'9"11'7"7'4"5'11"5'11"3'9"6'35,274 lbs7,008 lbs

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