Self Leveling Crane Pallet Forks

Pallet Fork

Rugged construction and compliance with engineering standards are the benchmarks of our Self Leveling Pallet Forks.

Our  crane pallet forks are designed and manufactured with high quality steel to ensure complete safety compliance.  Our crane pallet lifters are self-leveling and offer large capacity.  Our pallet forks can be attached to any crane or fork lift.

Meets or exceeds all ASME standards.

Automatic adjustment with telescopic loading height.

  • 4 sizes to choose from

  • Self leveling pallet forks
  • Easy telescopic height and width adjustment

  • Meets or exceeds all ASME standards

  • Durable powder coat finish

  • Tested for safety, strength, and longevity

  • 100% welded steel construction

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Pallet Fork Spec Sheet


Pallet Fork Dimensions and Specs

FK 15 3'1"3'3"1'0"4'5'6"5'0"6'4"1.4"4'4"3300 lbs450 lbs410 lbs
FK 203'1" 3'3"1'3"4'0"5'2"5'0" 6'4"1.4"4'4.7"4400 lbs551 lbs440lbs
FK 253'3"3'3"1'4"4'4"6'0"5'6"6'4"1.5"4'5"5500 lbs661 lbs575 lbs
FK 303"1"3'3" 8"3'5"5'2"3'6"6'4"1.4"4'4.7"6613 lbs1102 lbs675 lbs

*c when tines are fully retracted. **e and g are dimensions when fork is fully extended.

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