MAN BASKETS 4-Man Basket / Rescue Basket

Our personnel baskets are the best built baskets available and meet all OSHA and ASME regulations.

  • Has two entry points, a ramp entry(to be used for rescue operations) and regular man door
  • 4 person basket can be used as a rescue basket.
  • Powder coat painting offers a long lasting and durable finish.
  • One piece test weight system. No skids or rods to lose on a job site. Very quick to attach and re-attach.
  • Detachable roof offers great versatility.
  • Comes standard with top rigging.

4-Man Basket Flyer


Basket Dimensions and Specs

ModelABCDLoad LimitBasket WeightTest Weight
4-MAN7'9"4'4"7'3"4'2"1400 lbs.1455 lbs.1750 lbs.

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